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BA16CERT2 D Series

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The BA16CERT2 from the D Series is an advanced piece of machinery, offering exceptional below-ground access and an extensive horizontal reach. This machine is a product of DINGLI's in-house R&D Center, reflecting a commitment to innovation and technical excellence.

It showcases a modular design, both horizontally and vertically, with an impressive 85% of components being interchangeable across its full range, including electric, diesel, and hybrid models. The integrated axle, combined with four-wheel drive and two-wheel steering, enhances its maneuverability and flexibility on-site.

Designed with a focus on stability, it features a component layout that lowers the center of gravity, complemented by a lightweight build that does not compromise on energy efficiency. This design allows it to be driven at full height while carrying a significant load of up to 320kg, proving its strength and reliability.

Transportation is streamlined, as it fits within standard shipping containers, facilitating ease of movement between locations. Additionally, it can be optionally fitted with 48V320Ah high-capacity lithium battery packs, ensuring minimal downtime with fast charging capabilities of approximately 1.5 hours. This combination of features positions the BA16CERT2 as a versatile and dependable option for various industrial and construction needs.