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BA18CERT2 D Series

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The BA18CERT2, part of the illustrious D Series, emerges as a formidable force in below-ground reachability and boasts a substantial horizontal outreach. This unit is a brainchild of DINGLI’s esteemed domestic R&D Center, a testament to their dedication to continuous innovation and technological prowess.

Adhering to a modular design principle, both in horizontal and vertical integration, it shares 85% of its components across the full suite of models, which includes electric, diesel, and hybrid versions, all developed on a singular platform. The integrated axle enhances this unit’s agility, with four-wheel drive and two-wheel steering for optimal navigation and control.

The BA18CERT2's design focuses on a low center of gravity, which, combined with its lightweight construction, contributes to exceptional stability and energy efficiency. Capable of being driven at full height, it can handle a heavy load up to 320kg, highlighting its robust performance capabilities.

Tailored for logistics efficiency, it is perfectly dimensioned for standard container transport, simplifying the logistical challenges of moving equipment. For increased operational uptime, it offers the option of a 48V320Ah high-capacity lithium battery pack, which can be fast-charged within 1.5 hours, minimizing delay and maximizing productivity. This amalgamation of innovative design, stability, and operational efficiency makes the BA18CERT2 a valuable asset for any operation demanding high-performance and reliability.