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Crawler mounted-Articulated Goman

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We are pleased to announce that we are supplying the Goman X24 throughout Hong Kong, featuring:

  • Compact Design: Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use on various terrains.
  • Adjustable Chassis: Height and width of the chassis with crawlers can be altered.
  • Low Ground Pressure: Achieved through optimal weight dispersal for enhanced stability.
  • Hydrastatic Self-leveling Platform: Ensures a stable working area.
  • Dual Control Panels: Located on the basket and turret for convenience.
  • Safety Interlocks: Hydraulic arms and outriggers for increased safety.
  • 360° Non-continuous Rotation: For versatile maneuvering.
  • Automatic Leveling: For ease of operation.
  • Detachable Basket: Integrated into the jib arm for flexibility.
  • Dual Power Sources: Options include 220V AC and a gas engine.
  • Durable Construction: Made with high-strength steel for longevity.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: Includes operator manual, electronic and hydraulic diagrams, service manual, etc.
  • Safety and Reliability: Fully complies with EN280 standards.

Optional Features:

  • (Lithium) Battery for extended power.
  • 360 continuous rotation for complete flexibility.
  • Outrigger overplates for additional ground protection.
  • Outrigger cylinder rod cover for improved durability.
  • Travel alarm for increased safety.
  • Detachable basket for various applications.
  • Non-marking crawlers to protect the floor.
  • Flashlight for improved visibility.
  • Ultrasonic anti-collision to prevent accidents.
  • Air and water outlets in the basket for convenience.
  • One-button positioning for simplified operation.