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E10e Mini Excavator

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The E10e Mini Excavator from Bobcat® is at the forefront of excavation technology, boasting a cutting-edge Lithium-Ion, maintenance-free battery pack complete with an advanced management system. This system is meticulously designed to fit within the standard dimensions of the machine, upholding its Zero Tail Swing (ZTS) profile, essential for working in tight spaces.

Perfectly synchronized with a standard workday, the E10e is capable of operating for a full 8 hours, with its batteries easily recharged during routine breaks. The innovative super-charger feature allows a quick recharge to 80% capacity in just about an hour, maximizing uptime. For overnight charging, the onboard charger can be connected to a standard 230V grid, ensuring readiness for the next day's work.

Maintenance and operation of the E10e are both straightforward and secure. Thanks to the low voltage system, it eliminates the requirement for special training or authorization for operators, making it a user-friendly option for a variety of worksites. This combination of efficient power, ease of use, and safety measures makes the E10e a valuable asset to any fleet, delivering outstanding performance with a low total cost of ownership.