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Inline fan

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Östberg Box Fan (FBS Series)

The Östberg Box Fan series epitomizes a blend of robust construction and superior airflow capabilities, engineered to facilitate ventilation in a myriad of environments, from commercial spaces to demanding industrial scenarios.

  • Enhanced Airflow: The FBS series is designed to move large volumes of air efficiently, ideal for situations requiring high-capacity ventilation.
  • Durable Design: Built to withstand the test of time and usage, these fans are encased in a rugged housing ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • Versatile Functionality: These units can be easily integrated into various HVAC systems, supporting a diverse range of ventilation applications.
  • Low Maintenance: Engineered for ease of service, the box fan series is convenient to maintain, supporting consistent operation without extensive downtime.

Östberg Radial Fan (RF and DFE Series)

Tailored for high-pressure applications, the RF and DFE Series from Östberg exemplify cutting-edge radial fan technology, presenting a solution for intricate ventilation needs.

  • High-Pressure Efficiency: Designed to deliver under high-pressure conditions, these fans are perfect for systems that demand consistent airflow against resistance.
  • Configurable Designs: With single inlet (RFE) and double inlet (DFE) configurations, the series offers flexibility to match specific performance requirements.
  • Energy Conscious: Operating with an eye on energy consumption, these fans strive to provide maximum output while maintaining energy efficiency.
  • Sturdy and Safe: These fans are built with safety in mind, incorporating features to ensure secure operation in various industrial settings.