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GELEC's line of duct ventilating fans is synonymous with quiet operation and sleek design, engineered to create optimal air environments in various settings. The low-noise duct fans are perfect for places where tranquility is key, including residential homes, commercial offices, and public spaces.

  • Key Features:
    • Tailored for air supply and exhaust needs, these fans ensure that indoor air remains pristine.
    • Their compact design makes installation straightforward and space-efficient.
    • The fans operate at exceptionally low noise levels, enhancing comfort.

Product Range:

  • GELEC offers a wide selection of models, like the DPT10-12B through to the DPT25-86C, catering to different sizes and performance requirements.
  • The versatility in voltage and phase options allows for seamless integration into various electrical infrastructures.
  • Designed to provide high efficiency, the fans offer a range of static pressure options and airflow rates, addressing specific ventilation demands.

Super-Slim Type Low-Noise Duct Fan:

  • This variant stands out for its slim profile and powerful ventilation capabilities, suitable for a variety of spaces, including healthcare facilities.
  • Features like the Silver Ion HEPA-filter in some models enhance air quality by trapping and eliminating bacteria, germs, mold, and removing odors.

Innovation in Ventilation:

  • With adjustable settings to control air volume, GELEC's fans offer customization for user comfort.
  • Each model comes equipped with the necessary installation hardware, ensuring a hassle-free setup.

GELEC's ventilation products exemplify the brand's commitment to providing innovative, high-quality air solutions that contribute to maintaining serene and healthy indoor environments.