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Master-slave radio linkage system (T8)

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The GELEC T8 Master Slave Tube system represents an innovative leap in lighting technology, specifically designed for energy conservation and intelligent operation. This advanced system employs radio-controlled microwave sensing to regulate lighting across zones, providing an intuitive and responsive solution for various environments.

With models LT-I0609-WZ and LT-I1218-WZ, the system offers zone lighting control where Slave tubes adjust their dimming level to match the Master tube’s preset value upon detecting presence within range. When an individual approaches the Master Tube, it illuminates to 100% brightness, and the Slave tubes follow suit, ensuring uniform lighting intensity.

This setup is particularly effective for larger areas, as multiple Master tubes can be positioned to create several sensing points, which offers a broader scope of illumination. The Master tube houses a sensor and transmitter, activating the Slave tubes within a 50-meter radius when motion is detected. The Slave tubes, equipped with receivers, then light up to mirror the Master’s intensity.

Specifications include:

  • Standard Sizes: Ø28.5*588/1198mm
  • Material: Aluminium+PC
  • Lamp Holder: T8 G13
  • Power Options: 9W / 20W
  • Brightness: Microwave sensing at 100%
  • Voltage: AC85 - 265V (50-60Hz)
  • Beam Angle: 180 degrees
  • Lumen efficacy: Varies from 120lm/W to 170lm/W depending on the model and length
  • Color Temperature: 2700K/3000K/4000K/6000K
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI): >80
  • Power Factor: > 0.9
  • Detection Distance: 6 - 8 meters
  • Response Time: Within 500ms
  • Standby Mode: 30% standard (10/20/50% customizable)

The Master and Slave tubes are sleek in design, measuring 28.5mm in diameter, and come in lengths of 588mm (2ft) and 1198mm (4ft). Their low standby mode energy consumption can be customized, ensuring that the system remains energy-efficient even when not actively illuminating an area. This GELEC system offers a blend of aesthetic flexibility, energy efficiency, and practical functionality, making it an ideal choice for modern lighting needs.