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Propeller fan

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The AXIS-Q Series from Blauberg Ventilatoren represents a pinnacle in axial wall fan technology, with models ranging from the compact AXIS-Q 200 2E to the formidable AXIS-Q 800 6D. Designed to provide maximum air flow efficiencies up to 25,000 m³/h, these fans are the go-to choice for industrial, commercial, or residential ventilation needs. Durability is a cornerstone of the series, ensuring each fan withstands the rigors of continuous operation with ease. Users benefit from the flexibility of the product range, which offers tailored solutions to fit specific requirements, be it the energy-efficient AXIS-Q 300 2E or the extensive coverage of the AXIS-Q 710 6D. The AXIS-Q Series is synonymous with ease of installation, minimal maintenance, and an eco-conscious operation, establishing itself as an essential component in modern ventilation systems.