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Spider X21 (GX69)

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The Spider X21 (GX69) is a versatile and compact lift that offers a variety of applications. It features a detachable basket and auto-leveling for both the basket and outriggers, ensuring safety and efficiency during operation. This model allows for operations from the basket as well as from the ground, providing flexibility in a range of work scenarios.

With a 360° non-continuous turntable rotation and hydraulically operated arms and outrigger interlocks, it offers excellent maneuverability and stability. The lift is designed with a low ground pressure impact and is constructed from high tensile steel, affirming its durability.

The Spider X21 reaches a maximum work height of 21.00 meters (approximately 69 feet) and a platform height of 19.00 meters (about 62 feet). It can handle a load capacity of 200 kg (440 lbs) and has a lateral outreach of 9.50 meters (31 feet). The platform size is 1.2 by 0.8 meters (47 inches by 32 inches), and the lift has a total weight of 2850 kg (6283 lbs). It can navigate slopes of up to 20% and climb gradients of 30%, with dual power options including 220v AC power and a gasoline engine.

This equipment meets the standards of ISO, CE, and ANSI, indicating its compliance with international safety and quality standards. The Spider X21 is not only practical but also conforms to rigorous industry requirements, making it a reliable choice for various aerial work tasks.