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Spider X24 (GX79)

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The Spider X24 (GX79) is an aerial work platform that provides a high-reaching work height of 24 meters (79 feet) and a platform height of 22 meters (72 feet). It is designed to carry a load capacity of 200 kg (440 lb), with an impressive lateral outreach of 11 meters (36 feet), facilitating work in difficult-to-reach areas.

This model is equipped with a 180° basket rotation and a 90° jib rotation, accompanied by a 360° non-continuous turntable rotation, offering a wide range of motion to maneuver around obstacles and in confined spaces. The platform measures 1.2 by 0.8 meters (47 inches by 31 inches), providing ample space for operators and equipment.

In terms of transportation and storage, the Spider X24 stows to a length of 5.505 meters (217 inches), which can be reduced to 4.495 meters (177 inches) with the basket removed. The overall stowed width with the basket removed is 0.80 meters (31 inches), and the height is 1.96 meters (77 inches), making it relatively compact for storage. The total weight of the unit is 3160 kg (6967 lb).

The driving speed is 0-2.2 km/h, with the capability to work on slopes of up to 20% and climb grades of 30%. It offers dual power capacity, with both 220v AC power and a diesel engine, providing flexibility in power sources depending on the work environment.

For durability and safety, the lift is made of high tensile steel, and it features auto-leveling for the basket and outriggers. The design also focuses on low ground pressure dispersal, minimizing impact on the work surface. The Spider X24 is designed for a variety of working applications, and it meets the standards of ISO, CE, and ANSI, ensuring compliance with international safety regulations. This model's standard features, including a detachable basket and the possibility of basket and ground operation, reflect its adaptability to various work scenarios.