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Spider X30 (GX98)

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The Spider X30 (GX98) is a state-of-the-art aerial work platform offered by Goman Lift. It boasts a maximum work height of 30.0 meters (98.4 feet) and a platform height of 28.0 meters (92 feet), with a load capacity of 200 kg (440 lb). The equipment offers impressive lateral outreach capabilities of 14.7 meters (46 feet) with an 80 kg load and 12.6 meters (41.3 feet) with a 200 kg load. It features a basket rotation of 180°, a jib rotation of 120°, and a 360° non-continuous turntable rotation.

The platform's dimensions are 1.4 x 0.7 meters (55" x 27.5"), and it has an overall stowed length of 6.88 meters (270"). The stowed width is 1.24 meters (49") with the basket and 0.895 meters (35.2") without the basket, while the stowed height is 1.99 meters (78"). The total weight of the Spider X30 (GX98) is 4900 kg (10800 lb). It has a driving speed of 0-2.2 km/h, can work on slopes of up to 20%, and has a maximum climbing ability of 30%. The dual power sources include a diesel engine and AC 220v 3hp (110v 2hp) power.

Standard features of the Spider X30 (GX98) include a German-made IFM controller with HMI and valves, hydraulic extendable crawlers for height and width adjustment, optional battery emergency lowering, auto-leveling basket and outriggers, and radio (+ cable) control for all movements. The platform also features a 360° non-continuous turntable rotation, hydraulically operated arms and outrigger interlocks, a load sensor detachable basket, and a 230v (110v 60Hz) 50Hz 16A outlet in the work platform. It meets the standards of ISO CE and ANSI/CSA.

Options available for the Spider X30 (GX98) include a hydraulic tool outlet, lithium battery lowering system, traction battery, Li battery 3rd power, lithium battery, continuous rotation, non-marking crawler, and outrigger pads. This equipment is designed for various applications, providing flexibility, safety, and efficiency for users in different industries.