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SWE215E-3H hydraulic transmission construction mining Medium Excavator

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The SWE215E-3H is a standout model in the hydraulic transmission construction mining medium excavator category, showcasing Sunward's commitment to innovation since 1999. Recognized as a leading national brand in the Chinese excavator industry, Sunward offers an extensive range of excavators from the miniature 0.8t to the colossal 90t, ensuring versatility across various industries.

The SWE215E-3H boasts an aesthetically pleasing design, superb performance, and user-centric controls for streamlined operation. Its maintenance routines are straightforward, minimizing downtime and operational costs. Equipped with internationally advanced performance indicators, this medium excavator meets rigorous global standards.

With a footprint in over 60 countries, including key markets in Europe and the USA, Sunward excavators have gained international acclaim. This global reach has earned the company a place among the top 20 excavator manufacturers worldwide, reflecting its excellence and reliability in the construction and mining sectors.