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Xpelair's GX6, GX9, and GX12 models are versatile, commercial-duty window fans designed to offer superior ventilation solutions for a variety of settings, including pubs, restaurants, offices, kitchens, factories, schools, and shops. These units, which have been a mainstay for over forty years, boast a stylish, contoured high gloss white housing with a shadow grey external grille, designed to blend seamlessly with modern décor and provide an unobtrusive external appearance.

Key Features of the Xpelair Window Fans:

  • Commercial Duty Ventilation: The fans are engineered for rigorous use, ensuring long-lasting operation in commercial environments.
  • Versatile Applications: With hole diameters ranging from 184mm to 324mm, these fans fit a variety of window and wall configurations, making them suitable for a wide array of commercial applications.
  • Advanced Control Options: They come with an extensive range of optional controllers, allowing for flexible operation modes including selectable intake, extract, or controlled operation.
  • Compliance with Legislation: The fans conform to Building Regulations Part F1, ensuring they meet current construction standards.
  • Innovative Installation: The unique metal ladder strip and screw system allows for quick and secure installation in single and sealed double-glazed windows up to 25mm.
  • Performance and Efficiency: With pre-balanced sickle bladed impellers, these units ensure quiet and efficient operation while maintaining constant volume outputs, even in gusty external conditions.
  • Low Maintenance: Sealed for life bearings require no maintenance and are suitable for operation at any angle.
  • Safety Features: Built-in safety measures like thermal overload protection and integrated finger guards make these fans safe and reliable.
  • Eco-Friendly: The electro-thermal shutter cassette minimizes backdrafts and contributes to the unit's energy efficiency.

The GX6 is noted for its high-performance extraction and is ideal for less demanding environments, whereas the GX9 and GX12 models offer high-performance intake and extract capabilities, perfect for more intensive use. They come with a 3-year guarantee in the UK, highlighting their durability and the manufacturer's confidence in their product. With easy-to-clean components and a passive trickle vent facility for background ventilation, Xpelair window fans are designed for ease of use and optimal performance.