Hong Kong International 3rd Runway

Hong Kong
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To fortify Hong Kong's role as a global aviation hub and meet long-term air traffic demands, the Hong Kong International Airport is evolving into a three-runway system. This ambitious project is akin to constructing a new airport adjacent to the current one.

The works covered by the Contract 3408 comprise the design and construction of theThird Runway Concourse (TRC), the TRC Apron, two cross-field taxiways, Ancillary Buildings, specific section of the Eastern Vehicular Tunnel (EVT),and the associated infrastructure, testing, and commissioning works.

GELEC's Contribution:

  • Safety Solutions: Supplied TROX Motorised Fire and Smoke Dampers to ensure high standards of safety and ventilation control.
  • Fire Protection: Provided 5000 PROMATSEAL-FYRESTRIP units, enhancing fire safety measures and sealing solutions.
  • Overall Impact: These contributions are vital for maintaining a secure and efficient environment, ensuring the success of the AA 3rd Runway project.

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