Kai Tak Sports Park

Hong Kong
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The Kai Tak Sports Park, set to open in 2022, is a landmark project in Hong Kong aimed at supporting the Government's sport development policy objectives. It seeks to promote "Sports for All," support elite athletes, and position Hong Kong as a center for major international sports events. This multi-faceted sports park aims to inspire the next generation of athletes and serve as a symbol of civic pride.

GELEC's Contribution:

  • Ventilation Solutions: Supplied 74 FW Axial fans and 184 Certfigural fans to ensure optimal air circulation and ventilation within the sports park.
  • Material Quality: Provided 1000 DURATEEL units, known for their durability and resistance, contributing to the structural integrity and safety of the park.
  • Overall Impact: GELEC's contributions are crucial for maintaining a comfortable and safe environment for athletes and visitors, supporting the park's goal of promoting positive social interaction through sports and leisure.

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Young's Engineering CO Ltd
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Hong Kong
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