Kai Tak Tunnel Retrofit

Hong Kong
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The Kai Tak Tunnel, formerly known as the Airport Tunnel, is a crucial transportation link in New Kowloon, Hong Kong. Connecting the Kowloon Bay and Ma Tau Kok areas, the tunnel has undergone a retrofit in 2023 to enhance its safety and functionality.

GELEC's Contribution:

  • Safety Solutions: Supplied TROX Motorised Fire and Smoke Dampers to ensure high standards of safety and ventilation control.
  • Enhanced Protection: These dampers are crucial for maintaining air quality and preventing the spread of fire and smoke in emergencies, ensuring the safety of the tunnel's users.
  • Overall Impact: GELEC's contributions are vital for the safety enhancements of the Kai Tak Tunnel Retrofit, providing a secure environment for its users.
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Hong Kong
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