Ocean Park New Water World

Hong Kong
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Water World, a newly inaugurated theme park located on the Tai Shue Wan hillside in the Southern district, spans an impressive 700,000 square feet. The park is divided into five distinctive zones: Splendid Reef, Torrential River, Thrill Valley, Adventure Coast, and Hidden Village. With 27 indoor and outdoor attractions, it offers a diverse range of activities suitable for visitors of all ages, ensuring a unique and memorable experience for every guest.

GELEC's Contribution

  • Illuminating Experience: GELEC has enhanced the visual appeal and safety of Water World by supplying a comprehensive lighting package. This includes 6000 meters of GELEC neon flex strip lights, ensuring vibrant and energy-efficient illumination throughout the theme park.
  • Spotlight Features: Additionally, GELEC has provided 200 downlights and 80 'Unilamp' spotlights, which are strategically placed to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of various attractions and pathways, contributing to a well-lit and inviting environment.
  • Overall Impact: GELEC's contribution significantly enhances the ambiance and safety of Water World, ensuring that each zone within the theme park is adequately illuminated and visually appealing, thereby enhancing the overall guest experience.
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Gammon Construction Limited
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Hong Kong
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